Insha'Allah, we will take the Divine Word of GOD in every small and large home of this world. 

Our Aim is to encourage the Human Beings to know about our Creator and understand the Purpose of our Precious Life.

For that we will have to learn about our Religion and the best way to do it is by reading our Sacred Religious Scriptures.

But Why only the Holy Books of one's own birth Religion, in order to get to the Ultimate Truth, we must have an understanding of all the major Religions of this world. Otherwise, we will just end up becoming a frog in the well who is totally unaware and ignorant of the vast world outside it.  

But Why do we need to study any Religion?

But Why this Hassle, What is the Need of it. What is wrong in being an Atheist if I am a good Human Being, never do anything wrong with anyone, respect my parents and elders, pays bills and taxes on time, have a good relationship with my friends and relatives, have never theft or cheated anyone and keeps Humanity first in my affairs. Why do I need to Believe in or Follow any Religion

The Need of Religion in our life.

We know that every institution whether big or small, it can be a school or an office, even a state or a country needs some set of Rules or Laws to be implemented and followed. It is very difficult to manage an organization or control a group of people without having a predefined Law which is known by all. 

When such small institutions, can not operate without having a proper Law. How can we maintain peace in this world without knowing what is right and what is wrong? A Law which is common for all whether he/she be from any part of this world. Because what is wrong is wrong and what is right will always be right, it does not matter which country or nation you belong to. 

We know that almost every country has its own constitution, on the basis of which its citizens know what is legal and illegal in that country. Saying something is legal or illegal and saying something is right or wrong are two very different things. 
Like we know that Homosexuality was once illegal in India but now it is legal. So, the question is that Is Homosexuality right or wrong? If it is right, then why it was illegal for so many decades and if it is wrong, then why it is legal now. One can say that because of the technological developments we are becoming more advanced and that's why these changes are necessary according to the generation. But what the technological advancements has to do with Homosexuality? 
Also, Polygamy is legal in India but it is illegal in the USA. Is it right or wrong to have more than one wife?

We know that most of the Governments these days are corrupted (not talking about any specific country) and makes Laws for their own benefits. Then why are we human beings entitled to follow whatever laws made by some other human beings who are not even moral in their character?

But who will define these things? Who will make those Laws? 

If we all are human beings, we must have a common Law to define how we should live our life and what is the purpose of our life. It is not logical to think that GOD has made us, he sent us on this Planet, and he has not made any Rules for us or he has not given us any Goal or Purpose. Nothing is this World is created without any purpose in our mind, from the smallest Pen to the largest Machines, everything is created for a reason and it is used till the time it serves its purpose. 
So, how Illogical is it to think that we human beings are created without any Purpose in our Life and just to Live and Enjoy our Life and then Die. If that is the case, then What is the difference between us and the animals? Even Animals eat, drink, sleep, enjoy their life and do whatever is needed for their Survival
So, there must be something where we will be able to find those Laws made by GOD and our purpose of life. And we can find them in the Holy Scriptures of our Religion

Almost all the Holy Books talks about the following things:
  • That there is a Creator who has created everything in and outside of this world.
  • We are supposed to Worship him to Thank him for his countless Blessings.
  • Moral or Divine Laws based on which we should Interact with others and Live our Life.
  • Your destiny is based upon your actions. 
  • Life after Death i.e. Hereafter.
  • Heaven and Hell.
  • Punishment for your Sins and Reward for whatever Good you will do in this world.
Even if we are not a Believer in GOD and think that this world came in existence due to Big Bang. I don't think that there is any loss for us if we spare some of our precious time and study what the Religions say about the same. 
With an open heart ready to accept the truth, we will surely find the right way...

Ya Ummati

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